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Melissa L. Mabe


Melissa has more than 30 years' experience managing events, tours, and marketing campaigns in the Tampa Bay area.

Throughout her career she has worked in both the corporate and

non-profit worlds.


Melissa truly understands the importance of planning and measurement to

the success of any conference or stand-

alone event.



Our Story...It all started with lunch

One afternoon, I was having lunch with a friend who owned a small business. We were catching up on each others' careers and she mentioned she had a problem. My friend was worried about her ability to compete with other companies in her market. These were her fears:


      1. She wanted to expand her marketing efforts by participating

         in community events but lacked the time and staff.


      2. Her ROI (return on investment) on past event marketing efforts

         was low and she didn't know which types of events would work

         best for her business.


      3. She was not sure how to determine the best marketing

          methods for her participation in these types of events.


After listening to my friend's concerns, I realized that there were probably other people with similar concerns. I decided that I would take my experience in event planning, destination management, integrated marketing, and public relations to help her and other organizations by providing a personalized event experience with measurable results.

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