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Marketing Tools


Melrose Enterprises has experts who can provide the following event marketing tools to its clients:

Creative Services

From web design to graphic illustrations to video production, Melrose Enterprises can help you create all of your event marketing materials. We can also create your own personal branding guide to keep your look consistent in every platform.

Media Planning/Buying

Are you looking to launch a small, medium, or large media campaign as part of your event marketing efforts? Our media expert can walk you step by step through the planning process. Your targeted plan will then be negotiated on your behalf with the various media outlets you select. Our expert can leverage their relationship with the various outlets to get you a better deal than you could going directly.

Market Research

All event marketing should start with research. Whether it's compiling white paper data on your industry, product, or services or conducting surveys or focus groups we have access to the experts who can help. From there, we can identify the most effective messages and build a marketing campaign for you that is targeted and measurable.

Fundraising Consultation

We have experience in soliciting corporate sponsorships and in managing non-profit fundraising events. Melrose has produced outdoor festivals as well as indoor galas and everything in between. If your organization is seeking help in its fundraising efforts, contact us today. We can consult with you and solicit sponsors on your behalf.

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